We drive efficiency.

From designing a simple but elegant web design to developing a complex and integrated enterprise resource planning software system, Web4Minds can solve your business problems with one of our products or customized software solutions.

• If it’s broken, we fix it.
• If it’s slow, we speed it up.
• If it’s sloppy, we make it efficient.
• If it doesn’t exist, we create it for you.
• We make your business hum with success.

Our strength lies in our understanding of the business world. We know what’s important to you and to your customers because we know business as well as we know technology. We increase efficency for companies by optimizing worfklows and measure resulting improvements in key performance indicators like productivity and profitablity.
Specializing in Web-based applications for supporting large user bases, innumerable transactions and multiple business units, Web4Minds has helped more than 100 clients, in industries such as insurance, finance, manufacturing and logistics. Founded in 1997, in Jacksonville, Florida, we have since added offices in Salt Lake City, Utah; Turkey and the United Kingdom to serve clients across the U.S. and abroad.

What we do

Web4Minds provides leading edge, cost-effective business solutions using information technology on a wide range of tools and platforms.
These solutions include:
• n-tier custom software solutions;
• CRM, ERP and MRP solutions;
• real-time inventory systems;
• online scheduling systems;
• online product catalogs;
• interactive, database-driven websites;
• employee access and time tracking;
• biometric and RFID applications.

Web4Minds has three divisions: Custom Software Development, IT Consulting and Products.

Following our consulting projects, we often got further engaged with clients to develop turnkey software applications and we have helped companies market their new products and services. Our products include: SellMoreAutos.com and ScrapyardPro.com.

How we do it

With expertise in business, finance and technology, we analyze your problem in detail from the inside out so that we can visualize the processes you use in your day-to-day business and understand perfectly the problems you face and how to solve them. Then, using our in-house programmers, we custom engineer and develop a cloud-based software system designed specifically for your needs.

We can also help you refine your business model, developing and marketing products and services based on our experience building companies. In addition, we can host your application on our highly-secure servers, providing you with quick-acting technical support, e-mail hosting, the bandwidth needed to make your system highly responsive, and the back-up security required to keep your data safe.

Why we do it

Web4Minds is a committed participant in the IT revolution in the global marketplace. We constantly pursue challenging targets in our quest to help companies win by efficiently managing IT. Our domains of specialization include Windows and mobile applications, e-Commerce and Database-driven web sites, n-Tier Client-Server and Web applications.
In partnering with our clients, we help them deliver the best experience and results possible for their customers. Our top priority is to provide innovative solutions, high-quality service and unparalleled support.
We drive efficiency so that you can drive your business.